How I Planned & had my Wedding Within SIX Months I

Everyday, we wake up to see a lot of likes on the Christian Blog Ghana Facebook Page and we feel bad we are not living up to the expectation of our readers. We are not serving the purpose for which the blog was created: to spread the word, encourage people and fellowship but we do appreciate your continuous support for what we do.

So where do we start from? What reason do we give for this long break? A lot of things happened during the break and one was the organization of a wedding ceremony. Yes, a Christian blogger tied the knot and the team was busy helping her organize the ceremony.

Well, we found her wedding ceremony quite interesting and we asked her to put together a post on how she was able to pull such a beautiful ceremony within a very short period of time and this was what she came up with. We asked her how she wishes to be introduced and she mentioned Mrs.EmS or the little MRS 🙂

Well, my wedding came as a surprise to everyone including myself. I have been dating this wonderful guy for the past five years and we kept reminding ourselves we were tying the knot in 2015. That did not imply we started planning the process immediately. We had other things we wanted to achieve like finding stable jobs, getting a car among others. We became more serious about the wedding preparation when we started the six-month counseling session in my church. Even though we had nothing set for the ceremony, we announced to the counselors we were getting married immediately we ended the session and that was only six months away (faith huh). We wrote to the church to book a date even though we had absolutely nothing for the ceremony. When the church confirmed the date, that was when things got more exciting.

Those who know me very well are aware of the fact that I am not a wedding person like most women. I hardly swoon over wedding ceremonies and wedding photographs and all that. I only attend weddings when I know the people involved and I only go to offer my support. My husband (beloved then) also had the same level of  knowledge as I had (minimal). Now that the church had confirmed the date, how were we going to pull the ceremony off with the little experience we had?

to be continued






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